by Colin is now!

We finally made the official switch over to the new site (the one you are on right now reading this!)

After a year of rapid and exciting growth for our company, we have re-branded ourselves and along with that came a new domain name! has been performing in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions on Google, Yahoo and MSN for about a year now and when transferring over to our new domain, we had to be extremely careful with how we carried this out (to keep the search engines happy).

New pages were created here on, some strong internal linking, an update to the sitemap file, almost 100 re-directs and we were ready to let our rankings slip away! (Well….for a short while anyways.) Why will our rankings fall? Well….anytime a big change like this happens to a website, the search engine bots get a little scared and decide to knock the site down a few pegs for a week or so. After they come by and get in for a deep crawl of the new website’s files matched with the re-directs from the old website, the new website should be back up to where the old one was within about 2 weeks.

Sometimes, this temporary drop in rankings will not happen at all, and we would be pretty fortunate if we came out of this unscathed!

So, Aurora Web Technology is now Brian Joseph Studios! It’s Official!