by Colin

Sneak Peak – New Websites Almost Ready!

Just a quick post this evening to give you a quick look at some of the websites we are about to launch for new clients.

1: Dart Frog Powerboat Charters

2: At Your Service – Concierge and Homewatch

3: Victory Marketing Agency

These new web designs include the following features:

– Custom Graphic Design

– Professional Stock Photography

– Customized Private Admin Section / CMS System (so the client can have total control of the website)

– Flash Programming (Short intros, header presentation and navigation)

– Full CSS layout for high quality, clean and organized code

– Browser Compatibility – our web designs are tested rigorously in all major browsers and browser versions. (Microsoft Internet Explorer 4+, Firefox 1+, Safari, Opera)

– SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – each page is uniquely optimized to make the overall websites perform extremely well on search engines and to rank highly.

– Online contact and registration forms.

– Website Statistics Package with client access to great pieces of information to review daily if desired. (Where website visitors came from, what site, what city, what keywords they typed into a Google search etc)

– The care and passion of Fort Myers Web Design and Naples Web Design leading designers and developers!