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It’s no secret that the use of themes has greatly increased in recent years in the web design industry and it is definitely a trend that is here to stay. Using a pre-built template or WordPress theme for your business website can have its positives, but it is important to first explore custom web design options before settling for a pre-made website. In this article, we’ll explore the positives and negatives of using both templates/themes versus a custom web design solution.

Why Use a Pre-made Theme?

Website solutions that are pre-made by developers and designers, like premium WordPress themes for example, definitely have their benefits, but they also have many downsides.


  • Low cost
  • Quick setup
  • Often easy to control colors/add your logo etc
  • No design/development phase


  • Not unique (your competitor could have the exact same website!)
  • No relationship built with design/development company
  • Very little customization
  • Limited functionality

Depending on your specific needs, using a pre-made solution might be the right option for you if you have a very small budget and/or need the website online very quickly.

A theme can also be a good option for you if your requirements for your website are simple and uncomplicated. If you need advanced functionality other than simply a few pages of pictures and text, it is much smarter to entertain some custom design and development options.

Why You Should Hire a Designer/Developer for a Custom Website?

If you’re serious about achieving online marketing success with your website, a custom solution is a must if you have an appropriate budget. Hiring a web design company affords you many benefits in your internet marketing efforts, and most of all, a custom website design ensures that your company has a one of a kind website.


  • Relationship built with designer/design company
  • Custom, one of a kind
  • Advanced functionality
  • Design/development phase lets you tailor the website 100% to your needs
  • Design of website matches your existing branding
  • After-launch support and dedication from designer/design company


  • Higher cost than using a pre-made template/theme
  • Design/development phases can take time

Before you make a decision on whether to use a template or hire a design company to create a custom website for you and your business, understanding your budget and time constraints is vital to choosing the right option.

If you’re thinking about a new website for your business and aren’t sure what your best options are, feel free to send us a message. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about the website design industry and the design and development process.

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