by Colin

New Website Launch | MarinaVillage Resort

Brian Joseph Studios recently signed a partnership agreement with Sunstream Hotels and Resorts, one of the largest hotel & resort management companies in Southwest Florida.

Included in this agreement is the development of 8 websites and internet marketing & branding consultation. Sunstream were previously working with a large global hotel marketing company, but after some research, discovered that Brian Joseph Studios was able to provide the same services at a much higher, and more innovative quality, while allowing Sunstream to have more freedom with their overall marketing budget for 2009.

We are currently working closely with the Sunstream marketing team to finish the development of each resort specific website, and the first one to be launched is the exciting new property, MarinaVillage Resort located at Tarpon Point in Cape Coral.

The MarinaVillage Resort website includes the following features:

  • Custom Website Design : the design of the Sunstream website network takes the Sunstream brand into the new year with a memorable identity. The layout is extremely user-friendly and information is easily accessible, important aspects of upscale user-interface design.
  • Content Management System : the website is build on a customized content management system that gives the client the freedom to control all content on the website themselves. They can add new pages, edit or delete existing pages, and control all images and videos on the website.
  • Blogging/News platform : the client also has the ability to utilize the power of blogging through a customized blogging platform integrated into the site. They can add/edit/delete posts, upload images and videos. Each post is archived by published date and categorized so that the website visitors can access them easily and quickly.
  • Image Galleries : the client has the ability to manage photo galleries on the site and place them within pages or posts.
  • Online Contact Form with tracking : website visitors can contact the resort online, and each submission is recorded in the administration side of the website for the client to track all entries.

The MarinaVillage Resort website is the first of 8 other websites set to be launched for Sunstream Hotels & Resorts, so be sure to check back often or subscribe to our site to learn about each new website launch.