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With thousands of apps in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store, it’s difficult to really know which ones are actually worth downloading. Here’s a list of some of the apps that the team here at Brian Joseph Studios use.



for productivity and time saving

Long story short, Evernote is basically today’s version of the post it note. And much more. Whenever you have to save a password, a number, or an account number, Evernote makes it easy. You simply create a new note, give it a title and tag it, and you’re done. Next time you need your Insurance policy account number, you can quickly click on your “Insurance” tag, and see all notes attached to that tag. The smartphone app works very well as does the web app version. If you end up being a more advanced user of the Evernote app, you will enjoy saving screenshots, sharing links on social media, pdf’ing your notes and even setting reminders.

Download – Google Play Store
Download – App Store


Lookout Mobile Security

for security, backing up & locate lost phone

A little added security is never a bad thing, especially when it comes to personal information saves in the digital world. This app allows you to backup your contacts, images and videos, scan any new apps you install to ensure that they are clean and free of viruses and locate your phone and shut it off if you ever lose it.

The app also sends regular emails notifying you on the status of your device’s health. Another added benefit of using this app is that the company behind the app really knows what they’re doing. They even sent out notifications to their customers recently alerting them of the huge Adobe user accounts hack along with recommendations for safeguarding your information.

Download – Google Play Store
Download – App Store



for productivity, backing up and file sharing

Probably the easiest way to back up your photos from your smartphone. If you enable the setting for automatic upload, Dropbox will save all of your camera shots instantly so that you’ll never lose them if you lose or break your phone.

Another nice feature that we use often is the ability to share a public link directly to a file. For example, videos files are often too large to be sent over text message, so a good solution is to upload the file to Dropbox first and then you will be able to share the direct online link to the file.

A free account with Dropbox will give you up to 2GB worth of storage.

Download – Google Play Store
Download – App Store


Flashlight App

for darkness prevention

Does exactly what it sounds like. You need light, you use this app to turn on the flash light on the back of your smartphone. If you’re an Android user, you can use a widget to easily turn the light on and off right from your home screen.

Some flashlight apps even come with a strobe light effect, but don’t expect them to be good enough to host a rave in your living room.

Download – Google Play Store
Download – App Store

Google Maps

for iPhone users

Because….it’s not Apple maps.

Download – Google Play Store
Download – App Store

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