by Colin

Superbowl Logo XLIII 2009

Over at Underconsideration / Brand New, the new Superbowl logo for 2009 has been reviewed in relation to the 2008 logo.

On seeing the new logo, my first thoughts are “Were they looking at the Patriots logo when they designed this?”.

I didn’t like the logo this year, I really don’t like the logo for next year. Both logos fail to really present the essence of the Superbowl as a huge event in the national calendar in America.

The logo needs to capture the excitement and the sheer magnitude of the Superbowl. This new logo fails in my opinion. It’s too plain, and sort of reminds me of a birthday cake design you would see in Publix Supermarket. (No offense to Publix bakery workers, your designs are great! I am just expecting the Superbowl logo to be a bit more spectacular!)