by Colin

NFC Business Cards from are a business card printing company, and they offer great products and services. Next up on their product offering is the NFC business card.

NFC (near field communication) allows data to be passed between two devices with a simple tap. will soon be offering business cards with an NFC enabled chip inside that will allow the business card holder to pass data to those with an NFC device (many Android phones have NFC capabilities, but Apple have yet to put it in their iPhones (as of the iPhone 5) unfortunately).

This is a really exciting technology that will make a lot of general tasks much more seamless and time efficient. We can’t wait to hand out business cards to clients and watch them tap it on their phone and instantly save our contact information (or watch a video, or visit our website…the possibilities are almost endless). It would be great to simply tap the card to a client’s device and instantly allow them to view our web design or logo design portfolios.

You can read more about’s NFC business cards here¬†and I recommend watching the cool video explaining it all below.