by Brian

Free Social Media Icons – Post-It Note Style

Here is my first set of free icons! I wanted to give something back to my regular visitors, those that RT my posts etc, and so hopefully some of you will enjoy using this icon set. Each social media icon is in the style of a Post-it note, and depending on the design of your site, could work really nicely.

This social media icon set includes DesignMoo, DesignFloat, DesignBump, and the other standard ones like Facebook, Twitter, Digg etc… you can see them all below:


This set of icons ties in nicely with a previous Photoshop video tutorial I posted on “How to quickly create a post-it note in Photoshop

The icons are in png format, and are 65px x 65 px.


Post-it-SocMedia-Icons-65× (55kb)


These icons are licensed under the Creative Commons license and can be used for personal and/or commercial purposes. No attribution is needed by those using them, but credit via a link or listing my site in your blogroll is very much appreciated.

Let me know if you use them and I will update this post with a screenshot, and please share them around by bangin’ on a few of those buttons below!