5 People I Follow on Twitter and Why


This is part 1 of what I hope to be a never ending series as I continue to build relationships with some great people on Twitter. And there isn’t a “#FollowFriday @name @name @name @name jumble of mess” anywhere to be seen! Follow Friday tweets like that serve no purpose to me. The ones that name one Twitter user and why they are good to follow make sense. I will actually follow them if I see value.

Here is a list of 5 people I follow on Twitter and why I follow them:



Serious reason: he owns a cool web design company in North Carolina, named “onwired”, and I enjoy networking with a fellow business owner in a similar situation as myself.

Non-serious reason: because he is a smart ass

@brianyerkes :Just fired up the grill to cook some chicken, and flames blew up in my face and burned half my arm hair, that wasn’t fun
@tonychester : My question is “why do you have arm hair on your face”?

@mayhemstudios (Calvin Lee)

calvinleeSerious reason: he’s a cool guy, and personable even though he has over 30,000 followers. A fellow designer and he is the king of RT’s.

Non-serious reason: because he looks like “The Hulk” and has a severe case of narcolepsy


randaclaySerious reason: another fellow designer, Randa is also experienced in all things WordPress, and a very nice person.

Non-serious reason: I find amusement when she tweets about her kids! (I won’t be laughing when I have some of my own I’m sure)

@randaclay : Why is it that when you’re on the phone, your kids have to follow you around like they’re tethered to your backside?

@randaclay : Unbelievable. It’s 7:21 and both kiddos are still asleep. Doing a quiet little happy dance at my desk.


davidaireySerious reason: David has one of the most popular personal design blogs out there, and is a logo designer’s role model for his professionalism and knowledge of brand identity.

Non-serious reason: He is a Liverpool supporter and I get to rip on him when they lose. Which is quite often.


andysowardsSerious reason: Andy is another great RT’er and shares a lot of good design & social media related links. He also takes the time to frequently ask you how your day is going, and is a cool guy.

Non-serious reason: Together with @McLucky34, we coined the phrase “Temperature is Ball Relative“, after we were talking about how hot the weather was. “hot as balls” etc…

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