**Updated** What Clients Need To Know When Hiring A Web Design Company


Back in October, I asked you guys for some answers and thoughts on the topic of "What Clients Need To Know When Hiring A Web Design Company ". You can read the comments made here

The article in the business magazine (Gulf Shore Business) has now been published and you can read it here

Only a few of my comments made it into the article. It is interesting to read the first section about the client, "Carbon Net" talking about his poor experience with the first web development company. The company he is speaking about is now out of business, and being sued by some big companies for failure to carry out the work in some agreements with them.

Another interesting note about the "Carbon Net" client mentioned in the article, was that some time ago, he actually contacted my company requesting a quote. After I spoke to him on the phone, and then provided a quote and proposal, I did not hear back from him.

Whether or not our quote was within his budget, another part of "What Clients Need to Know When Hiring A Web Design Company" is the fact that clients are interviewed almost as much as clients interview us and our company. Web designers and any other service providers that provide estimates and quotes appreciate it when a client notifies the company about their intention to move forward with the project or not.

There are many reasons for this, and as a consumer, everyone should attempt to practice this. If you request a quote or estimate, notify the company even if you are not going to move forward with them. Thank them for their time to speak with you and for providing a quote. Better yet, you can even give them a few reasons as to why you did not choose them. This helps the company and enables them to grow.

By simply not replying to an estimate or proposal, you never know when you might want to receive another quote from that company in the future, and by then, the company will have a red mark next to your name.

Designer/Developers, how often do you receive an email or phone call from those clients that don’t end up going with after you provided a quote? Do you attempt to contact them to learn the reasons why they didn’t choose you? I am interested to hear if most of you do want this information.

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