by Brian

It’s Time to Take a Bite

After a few weeks of thought, I’ve decided to turn my PC hat in (not that I ever really wore it, nor was I proud of it 🙂 and in it’s place I will be taking a big bite out of the Apple.

I don’t for one second think that being a Windows or a Mac user determines your abilities as a designer, or your levels of creativity, but things like productivity, reliability and ease of use seem to come into play. All of the Adobe products are the same whether you’re on a PC or Mac, so it is up to the designer to make use of them, and being on a Mac doesn’t make anyone a better designer whatsoever. Switching to a Mac based setup seems to the right choice for me as there are some apps I would like to use that are only available on a Mac, and the general work flow of a Mac will probably sit better with me.

I am currently looking into purchasing a Mac Pro for my main desktop, and a Macbook Pro for when I’m out of the office. Even though I am sure the Mac “genius” at the Apple store will be able to help me with some questions I have, I am more than confident that you, and many of my regular site visitors, will be able to give me much more valuable and insightful advice.

So, if you’ve got a few moments to spare, and have been using Mac’s for at least a year or so, I would be delighted to hear your advice on what apps to use, what works for you , what doesn’t etc…

Also, anything you think would be helpful to know as a Windows user going to Mac would be great also.