by Colin

Client Focus | All Save Energy Solutions | Green Websites

All Save Energy Solutions

This week’s client focus features one of our international clients, “All Save Energy Solutions” located in Ireland.

Here in America, we are only slowly starting to embrace the green in our lives, but in Ireland, this has been a standard in daily lives for many, many years. A small example of this, is that Irish households do not continually waste energy to keep water heated throughout the day. In Ireland, they have what are called “immersions”, where water is heated when the immersion is turned on. This means that they only use energy needed to heat the water when they are actually going to use the heated water. One negative involved in this is that you have to turn the immersion on 30 minutes before you need the water. Most come equipped with a timer so that you can schedule that morning shower!

“All Save Energy Solutions”, is a consultancy based firm located in Ireland. Since the BER legislation was passed, each house is now required to pass an energy rating. All Save Energy Solution provides certified professional BER rating assessors to rate your property and to provide energy saving solutions.

Brian Joseph Studios designed a striking logo and web design for All Save Energy Solutions in December 2007. In addition, a strong search engine optimization campaign was added to the strategy and since then, the website has enjoyed much success. All Save Energy Solutions now receives over 80% of all contracts from their website, and most of their website’s traffic comes from search engines.

We look forward to growing the website for this client in the coming months, and we will also be meeting with them in Ireland in one weeks’ time.

Does your web design company agree to meet with you often? Brian Joseph Studios regularly meets with our clients, whether they are in Fort Myers, or Dublin, Ireland!