by Brian

Events Calendar Pro – WordPress Plugin Updated

Probably the most useful events calendar plugins for WordPress is the “Events Calendar Pro” and they just launched 2.0 version of the plugin, which was a much needed update.

I’ve been playing around with this new version of the plugin since the night it was released last week, and so far I’m pretty happy with it. Recurring events is probably the most important update, but there are a few other nice features like venue storing, featured image etc….

I’ve also been pretty active on the support forums for this plugin recently as I feel it’s important to give back to the plugin community if I know an answer or two for questions asked on there. One issue some folks were having was that they wanted the ability to control the zoom level of the Google map that shows up in the single events display.

Here’s the solution

Under Events Calendar settings in the WordPress admin, you need to add a custom events field named something like “zoomlevel” and make it a dropdown, and give it 1 through 20 as the values. This was the second custom events field I had added, so its label is _ecp_custom_2 . This is the label value you will need for the next step below.

Next, ftp into your server, or go to “Plugins” > “Edit” in the WordPress admin, and in the free “The Events Calendar” plugin folder, you will see /admin-views directory, and a file named event-map.php. On line 17 in that event-map.php file, right after zoom: paste in this code

'tribe_events') ); ?>ID, $key, true); ?>

and save/upload the file to the server.

Now, when you add a new event post, you can see a dropdown menu that will allow you to control the zoom level of the Google Map.