by Brian

What Clients Need To Know When Hiring A Web Design Company

Web Designers Answers

Later tomorrow (September 2nd), at 5pm US Eastern Time (10pm in England & Ireland) a business magazine will be interviewing me for a story on the topic of:

"providing businesses with the basic information they need to make an informed decision about creating/updating a web site as well as how to avoid pitfalls and avoid bad decisions that could harm the business down the road. What kinds of things should businesses be aware of when entering into a contract with a web site designer?"

So, I am calling on all web designers to participate and be part of my answers tomorrow. I would be delighted to hear all of your thoughts on this question, and help me to form some really good answers for this interview.

If and when the story is published I will post it here and also give some link love to those that take part. Time is of the essence! Please place your comments as soon as possible, and thanks for getting involved!