by Colin

Bagvertising : Your walking advertisement

We all see those girls….walking around with 20 shopping bags full of over-priced clothes that will probably sit in her closet and never be worn. But the thing that I notice, are the shopping BAGS.

The design, the logos, the imagery. Shopping bags are now an important piece of marketing for most retail companies, and it only makes sense. It gives them the chance to have a small piece of advertising wherever their newly acquired customer goes. What an inexpensive way to continually splash your marketing around the city centre, or busy shopping mall, especially due to the fact that they provide a bag regardless.

Below are a few examples of some really cool uses of this shopping bag media for advertising:

A really clever way to promote this reach out program for children with autism. I bet more people would take notice of this much more than anything they could put together for a 14 ft x 48 ft billboard ad on the side of the road!

The bag below is a little wrong, and may cause some issues in a busy street!

This one below may cause issues of another kind….possibly traffic accidents and men walking into poles….