by Colin

Code of Professional Conduct in the Design Industry

The Academy of Design Professionals™ has released the 2012 Code of Professional Conduct, and it clearly communicates the importance of design professionals and our “fundamental obligation to society, our clients to the profession, and to peers and colleagues.”.

Everyone at the Brian Joseph Studios team understands and believes in a code of professional conduct like this, and we believe it plays a big role in our success. Many clients kindly tell us that our level of service and professionalism is rare in this industry, and that makes us happy that clients appreciate our efforts.

Web design and graphic design is very subjective business, and it’s important to us that our clients are right there with us through each stage of the process so that they are not only proud of the outcome that we reach, but they also feel invested in their own company’s identity. This personal relationship allows us both to grow and develop together.

Here are a few snippets from the code of conduct:

Design professionals should strive to improve their professional and technical knowledge and skill.

Design professionals should recognize and fulfill their obligation to nurture fellow professionals as they progress through all stages of their career.

Design professionals should serve their clients in a timely, lawful, and competent manner.