by Brian

Video Tut #2 – Quickly Create a Post-It Note in Photoshop

Create a post-it note in photoshop

There are a a few ways that you can achieve this in Photoshop, but this tutorial will simply go through my personal process of how to create a post-it note pretty quickly. I tried not to use too many shortcut keys when doing this just so those with less Photoshop experience could follow what was going on.

However, here are some of the shortcut keys used and what they do: (MAC controls in grey)

CTRL/CMD + N = create new document

CTRL/CMD + T = free transform (then right click to select "Warp")

Press 5 and 0 on Number Key = drops opacity of selected layer to 50%

ALT/OPTION + Click + Move = duplicate the layer

Would you like some more Photoshop shortcuts? Check this out

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Difficulty: Easy

The quality of the video is a little on the scratchy side, I am still new to creating video tuts and all of the export settings when publishing it. It will get better the more I do, thanks.

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