by Brian

The Conundrum of Modern Communication

The way in which we communicate in today’s world as humans is becoming increasingly complicated and cumbersome. With so many methods of communication, which do you use, and when you do select one, how do you know that method is the best for the recipient to receive the message through?

Here is how I got to the current state of mind I am currently in:

We all want instant gratification; instant answers. Websites with a “live chat available” option is a like an oasis in the desert for the wandering nomad lost without a camel. I have a question, and I want a response immediately. This is the world we live in. However, I am also on the computer a lot, which makes me dislike my phone and speaking on the phone more and more as a way of communicating. This seems to be typical with most “techy” types as we work mostly in an online world, where we control when and how communication is made. The telephone naturally becomes a nuisance and an interruption.

However (again)….the telephone is the most efficient way to get the instant answer we are looking for, that instant gratification most of us demand as 21st Century civilians.

So, we are somewhere in between a rock and a hard place. Or on Twitter. Is that the solution for this communication conundrum?