by Colin

Get Your Facebook “Like” On With Our New Sharing Feature

Last week, Facebook changed the way they handle fan pages. Instead of becoming a fan, you now simply “Like” a specific company, artist, brand etc. ( Do you “like” Brian Joseph Studios yet?)

You will now see something like “John Smith likes Brian Joseph Studios” show up in your friends’ updates when they like something. It seems that the main reason that Facebook changed this function from “become a fan” to “like”, is down to the flexibility of this sharing model.

With the “like” function now in place, Facebook users can not only “like” a company, artists or brands, but they can also “like” specific articles and pages on other sites around the internet, and share them via their Facebook wall.

Screenshot - Brian Joseph Studios Facebook Page

As always here at Brian Joseph Studios, we are ahead of the curve and have already added the ability for our visitors to “like” our blog posts! At the beginning of each article in our blog, you will see the “Like” button along with the names of your friends that “Like” this post also (along with other’s dependent on their Facebook privacy settings) .

So, go ahead and try it out! “Like” this article by clicking the button at the beginning of this article and then visit your Facebook profile page to see your wall updated! (If you are reading this via an RSS reader, you will need to click here to visit this article on site, and to see the “Like” button.)

Thanks for sharing our news with your friends! If you have anything you’d like to share, let us know on Twitter or on our Facebook page.