by Colin

Brian Yerkes’ Personal Blog Listed in the Top 100 Design Related Sites

As owner and creative director of Brian Joseph Studios, I created a personal website over a year ago to connect with other web designers, graphic designers, developers and internet marketers. The site, is my outlet to share experiences with our industry, provide advice to fellow designers, and learn from experts across the world.

Last week, my site was listed in the Top 100 Graphic Design Related Blogs by, a prominent freelancing project website. This is a great honor to have my work and effort appreciated in this way, and to be listed alongside some other hugely popular websites.

Through my personal site, I have been able to build relationships, share experiences and expertise with some of the world’s best at what they do and it has helped to improve the services and skills that Brian Joseph Studios provides. I look forward to continuing this growth with my personal website, and increasing the International exposure that Brian Joseph Studios continues to receive.