by Colin

When Snapple Goes Bad

In December 2007, “Brand New” highlighted the new Snapple logo along with a new range of teas that Snapple were to release, and discussed thoughts on the new identity. Now, we have images of the new Snapple teas packaging and labels.

Snapple Tea Identity

Personally, when I think of Snapple branding I think of “personality” and memorable design. Their new tea range branding is unfortunately both dull and forgettable. Each label simply looks like all of the other tea labels and packaging designs on the shelves, and does not fit in with the image that Snapple normally has in the mind of the general consumer. The new packaging designs just look very “organic” and I am not sure if this is the right way to go for this brand. The labels were executed well however, they just simply miss the mark and approach that I think Snapple should be taking, even with tea products.