Brainstorming, Concept Development, and Sketching.
It's all part of a true professional's logo design process.

Logo Design Process

Logo Design Process

Thank you for your interest in reading about our logo design and development process here at Brian Joseph Studios. Colin and Brian, Brian Joseph Studios’ branding artists took some time away from their sketch pads and graphic tablets long enough to kindly write some information detailing the process that each designer here goes through when designing a logo.

The Brief

This is where we start with you as the client. We take the time to speak with you (in person if you are local or if you aren’t, but want to fly us somewhere exotic to have our meeting 🙂 ) and learn as much as possible about your business and the goals you have for you new identity. The brief contains a large amount of information, from competitors logos that you like or dislike, color schemes you wish to have used, and the various applications where your logo will be used.

This is an extremely important part of the overall success of the logo design development process and we take the time needed to get this done right.

Research and Concept Development

We take the information you have provided in the brief, and we begin our research into the symbols, mark and fonts that could be developed to portray your image and new identity desired. We research the word(s) in your company name, traditional and modern symbols that communicate your message, and we begin developing ideas for logo design concepts.

Concept application and Sketching

This where the fun starts. A pencil and some paper is where all skilled logo designers start. Ideas and concepts are formulated in this stage and certain aspects of each concept begin to take shape. Some of these concepts and ideas make it to the digital drawing stage and some don’t.

Concept Design / Digital Drawing

We now take our sketches and develop them further on the computer, turning them into digital drawings. This is where the logo design concepts really take on life, and at this stage, we begin to really see the designs that we think will work and those that won’t. Also at this point, we play with a few different color schemes with each concept, and start to get the best ones ready for review by the client

Client / Designer Review and Discussion

We send the concepts that we have developed that made it through to the digital drawing phase, and we discuss each concept with you as the client. We talk about our inspiration and the development process and ideas behind each concept and ask for your feedback on all aspects of the designs.

Finishing Touches / Revisions

We work closely with you to put the finishing touches on the chosen logo or we work together on making any requested revisions. Once the logo design is finalized, you will receive the final logo file to be reviewed one final time.

Final Logo File Production

Now that we have completed the design process with you, we work on all final logo file formats. We provide the logo in vector format so that you can use it for any printing purpose, no matter how large, and the logo resolution will remain perfectly. We also provide rasterized logo file formats that can be used online. We are happy to provide the following logo file formats:

Any special requests can be made at this time or any time in the future and we will be happy to work with you.

Optional Business Card, Stationery and Website Design

We can take your new brand that we have developed and create an exceptional business card, and corporate stationery for you. In addition, we can also develop a powerful website for your business to launch you to the next level.

Logo design and branding development is not something that should cost $100, and be completed in 48 hours. There is a lot of time, effort and artistic skill that goes into a professional logo and your investment in a logo should not be taken lightly and with any general company. Learn about their processes and ensure that they are the right design firm for you.

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