by Brian

Logo Composition (Part 4) – Combination

Last time in Part 3, we discussed “Proportions” in Logo Design Composition. This week,

The combination of different elements

When combining different elements in a logo, you run the risk of making the statement of the logo more imprecise. Hence you should weigh up which elements are necessary, and which elements degrade the statement.

Creating a logo that contains both an identity mark and text is not too hard, as is creating a text only logo. However, you need to sit back from the logo you have designed and determine if the balance of all these parts occur in combination.

It is better to not “load” logos that are made up of many stilystic elements with lots of text. Often, you will see a logo with a mark, a text element and a smaller mark or creative icon within the text. This can often lead to a busy overall logo design that fails to achieve what it needs to.

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