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Guest Appearance | Inside Digital Design Radio/Podcast

Guest Appearance on Inside Digital Design Radio/Podcast

Last week, I was asked to speak as a guest on "Inside Digital Design ", a radio show and podcast. The topic of the show last week was "Social Networking" and I spoke a little about what social networking has done for me and my career. The recording here is a little jumpy but other than that it is quite clear. It is also available on iTunes, simply search "Inside Digital Design" and you’ll find it.

Scott and Gene (hosts of the show) brought up an interesting point, adding to what I discussed in a previous post about "The Most Important Thing I Would Tell a Design Student ". ; "Designers / freelancers worry so much about their portfolio when trying to land that job or that client, but how much thought and time do they put into themselves, their appearance, their speech, their manner. This is an equally vital aspect when marketing and selling yourself and your services."

You can listen to the short interview here (go forward to the 24th minute of the show)

How much time do you put into these aspects of your career outside of your portfolio? Do you think that your phone / email manner could be better? Do you do anything specifically that you think works well in your favor?

A small thing I like to always do is end an email with the clients’ name…for example, at the end of the email, I usually say "Thanks Stephanie , I look forward to meeting you next week."

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