by Brian

Freelancers – This one’s for you


Some of my most popular articles have been about my career, starting as a freelancer and then starting my own business, from 50 reasons why you won’t make it as a freelancer, to 3 reasons why clients don’t choose you, and 5 things clients say and what they really mean . I am always happy to see this information prove useful to those starting out in a design career, and even those already enjoying success. Just recently, I found a great site to go along with the topic of providing resources, advice etc to designers, developers, writers etc.

“The Freelancer Feed”, is a new website developed by Grace Smith , and is proving to be a wonderful resource for those hoping to one day become successful freelancers. The resources on this site are also extremely helpful for those of us who own and manage design studios.

The links are all hand picked which ensures the high quality of information provided and this is one site that I will definitely be subscribing to.

Check it out here

*this is not a sponsored post of any kind, I just think this website will prove extremely useful to my RSS subscribers and anyone else wanting to learn more about how to have a successful career as a freelancer.

What other websites do you visit regularly to learn about freelancing? Please discuss in the comments below, thanks!