Business Cards of Bloggers


Business Cards of Bloggers

Welcome to "Business Cards of Bloggers"!

If this post gets popular, it will feature hundreds of business cards from the active blogging community, or the graphic design and web design bloggers at least!

Here’s what to do:

1. Write a post on your blog or website about the "Business Cards of Bloggers" project, and present your business card in the following format: 460px (max width) x 465px , 72 dpi, jpeg or gif.

2. Link to this post with "Business Cards of Bloggers" so that your readers can view all of the business cards that will be presented right here! UPDATE :: If you don’t link back to this post a rel="no follow" will have to be added to your link. Fair is Fair! 🙂

3. Email me with the URL to your post, or email the image file with a link to your blog or website.

4. Come by and visit and see all of your blogging friends and their business cards.

Start creating your post right away! If you don’t want your email address or phone number showing, simply blur it out.

**Best of All: You receive a nice bit of link juice with your card posted!***

Here are a few to get it rolling!


1. Brian Yerkes (Company: )

Brian Yerkes

2. David Airey

David Airey

3. Aaank


4. Rob Cubbon

Rob Cubbon

5. Randa Clay

Randa Clay

6. Tammy Lenski

Tammy Lenski

7. Jacob Cass (Just Creative Design)

Jacob Cass

8. Jeffrey Way (Detached Designs)

Jeffrey Way

9. Kelly Erickson (Maximum Customer Experience / Vision Points )

Kelly Erickson

10. Robert F Russo

Robert F Russo

11. Catherine Morley (Designers Who Blog / Katz Design)

Catherine Morley

12. Tom Smalling

Tom Smalling

13. Emma Selley ( EMZ Design)

Emma Selley

14. Tim Ernst (Raven Wood Creative)

Tim Ernst

15. Jennifer Farley (Laughing Lion Design)

Jennifer Farley

16. Jeff Fisher (Fisher LogoMotives)

Jeff Fisher

17. Aaron Russell

Aaron Russell

18. Steve Patterson

Steve Patterson

19. Sander Baumann

Sander Baumann

20. Jeremy (Papertree Design)


21. Andrea La Valleur-Purvis (Divine Fusion Design)

Andrea La Valleur-Purvis

22. D2L Graphics

D2L Graphics

23. Rachel Nabors (Sub Culture of One)

Rachel Nabors

24. Mark Poppen

Mark Poppen

25. Rachel Nix

Rachel Nix

26. Rajesh Pancholi

Rajesh Pancholi

27. Selene M. Bowlby (iDesignStudios)

Selene Bowlby

28. Nothing Fancy

Nothing Fancy

Start creating your post now and send the link to me or send the image and the link to your post!

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