David Airey just posted this meme and thought I’d add mine to it. URL ABC was started by Tim Van Damme—just type a letter in your browser’s address bar, then list the first URL that appears. (Works best in Google Chrome….FF seems to look anywhere in the URL or title tag for the letter and I got a lot of duplicates)

A. Allsaveenergy.ie – (my Uncle in Ireland’s website, he’s a BER Ratings Assessor)
B. BrianJosephStudios.com – (but of course)
C. coders.me – (I recently used Sexylightbox for a project, grabbed it here)
D. davidairey.com – (staple)
E. experts-exchange.com – (can’t remember what I did on this page)
F. facebook.com – (everyone, please stop playing mafia wars/farmville/apps etc! Stream of updates on FB is becoming useless these days)
G. google.com – (I love big G)
H. hotels.com (I think Google Chrome suggested this…don’t think I visited this site)
I. Google Search Results Page – (invalid file specification object acrobat pro)
J. jimmyjohns.com – (“Freaky fast delivery!”)
K. BBC – Football fixtures – (looking who’s next to beat Liverpool)
L. login.facebook.com
M. BBC – Man Utd page – (glory, glory)
N. news.bbc.co.uk – (I get my Global news from European sources even though I live in the US. Tell you something?)
O. order.1and1.com – (I had to edit a client’s domain name. 1and1.com is a horrible service. Stay away my friends)
P. pandora.com
Q. qvc.com (another one I think Chrome suggested)
R. realtor.com – (checking out real estate market info)
S. .screamingmonkeys.org – (was looking at the work of Tim Novinger)
T. twitter.com – (rarely visit it, but I do sometimes to check out trending topics)
U. usps.com – (US postal service – had to forward my mail recently)
V. verizonwireless.com – (looking at the droid)
W. wordpress.org – (most of us owe these guys a lot….)
X. xbox.com – (another from Chrome I think. I’m a PS3 guy)
Y. youtube.com – (most will have this I’m sure)
Z. zillow.com – (searching for some real estate to invest in for 2010)

Have a go yourself and post a link in the comments!

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